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In HTML5 is possible to include audio with a simple tag:

<audio src="anySong.m4a" controls></audio>​

Now I try to change the appearance using JavaScript and JQuery but it doesn't work. Can anyone repair my example or propose another very simple way?

Example here: http://jsfiddle.net/T47XQ/5/


<audio id="audio" src="http://a3.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/075/Music/35/e5/c6/mzm.pffzpdco.aac.p.m4a">

<div id="escolta">escolta</div>
<div id="pausa">pausa</div>



   $("#escolta").click(function() {

   $("#pausa").click(function() {



#escolta,#pausa { font-family: Tahoma;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;color: #6666;width: 80px;text-align: center;height: 20px;line-height: 20px;background-color: #ccc;cursor: pointer;}
#escolta {position: absolute;top: 20px;left: 20px}
#pausa {position: absolute;top: 20px;left: 150px}
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use $('id')[0] to get the raw element (http://jsfiddle.net/T47XQ/6/)

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you could also use the following: jsfiddle.net/T47XQ/8 –  StrubT Jul 11 '12 at 17:11
This is just great!. So clear and simple. –  Nrc Jul 11 '12 at 17:17
Do you have any idea how to include audio in a very simple way for IE and non HTML5 browsers? –  Nrc Jul 11 '12 at 17:20
sorry, never used it... –  StrubT Jul 12 '12 at 14:40

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