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I'm used to VSSConneXion, and love the feature 'Review Changes' where I can go through every changed file and comment the change while looking at it:

alt text

Now I'm trying to get used to SubVersion and Tortoise. Is there a similar feature available? I can get a list of changed file, and I can diff each file for changes, but I can't find a way to comment on the changes while looking at the diffs.

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I typically simply use the TortoiseSVN commit dialog for this.

  • svn commit => dialog shows up with list of changes
  • one by one, I can review the changes, and write my commit message in the dialog
  • the best part of it is that TortoiseSVN remembers commit messages. Even if I click cancel, I can continue with the same message previously created.

Very simple, no extra tools needed.

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So by putting the diff-window and the commit dialog side by side, I can review and write at the same time. Good. I assumed the diff-window was modal, and didn't check... My previous message, that was canceled, is saved 'behind' the recent messages-button. I think this solves my problem. Thanks. – Vegar Jul 16 '09 at 14:12

If you're asking for generic code review, there are lots of tools that work with svn. One of the most prominent is ReviewBoard.

If you're asking about a way to add commit log messages, then there's a bit of a conceptual mismatch: svn uses atomic commits, so all the changes in a given commit get the same message.

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I talk about commit log messages. I understand that commits are atomic, whereas checkins in VSS is not, but even though the message is given to every file I commit, I like to summarize the changes that I have done. So what I want, is a place to write where I see the changes done. – Vegar Jul 13 '09 at 20:46

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