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This should be an open thread, not really a single answer can apply.

My client has some cash and a common thing they need is to do constant browser testing of their stuff including IE6 and upwards of the IEs. What they need are private workstations that they rent on the web where browser testing can be done. We've used all the IE browser testers and we're seeing inconsistent results that don't match reality, so we feel it's best to use actual workstations rented over the web. (As an example, we used IETester as well as Adobe Browser Labs and did IE9 testing. We found that border-radius and box-shadow worked on IE9 in real life, but not in the test environments.)

Is there a service on the web that can rent us RDP-based workstations that we can connect to, reboot, install stuff on, etc.? My client has cash to spend on a nice solution. I like the RDP solution because that means that Macs, Windows, and Linux can use RDP clients to connect to these for cross-platform, cross-browser browser testing of websites. I code on Ubuntu Linux, so that's important to me. I guess a second-choice would be a VNC-based service.

P.S. Moderator -- I don't know whether this question belongs here, ServerFault.com, programmers.stackexchange.com, or some other Stack site. I'm guessing it goes here?

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Go for modern.IE - they cover the IE space that you're looking for.

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