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In a WinForm I've used a BindingNavigator out of the toolbox.

I'm moving the application to a WPF. There isn't a BindingNavigator in the toolbox, or in the Extended WPF Toolkit.

The WPF is very simple with a couple of Textboxes that display information from a couple of fields in the data but I'd like a way of scrolling through the records one at a time.

What is the WPF alternative to the BindingNavigator?

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Use google to find these kind of answers. Type "wpf bindingnavigator" in the query box, take the first hit. –  Hans Passant Jun 23 '12 at 18:01
I think Hans is trying to say WhyTheQ when there are 175,000 google matches and the top google result has all the info on the subject :P –  Jeremy Thompson Jun 24 '12 at 5:10

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More involved than the out-of-the-box WinFrom BindingNavigator but potentially more powerful.

Christian Nagel's blog has the following two articles:

  1. BindingNavigator for WPF (Part 1 - Creating)

  2. BindingNavigator for WPF (Part 2–Using)

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