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I am using Magento and the AW RMA extension over it.

With this extension installed I see an RMA requests grid and Pending RMA requests grid in admin.

I want to be able to filter requests in this grid based on an EAV (custom) attribute e.g., customer_referrer_id which is stored in *customer_entity_varchar*

The extension has a table *aw_rma_entity* in which it also keeps *customer_id*. The RMA Grid fetches data like this:

$collection = Mage::getModel('awrma/entity')


I have attempted to join the customer entity with this table as follows:

$collection->getSelect()->join('customer_entity', 'customer_id = customer_entity.entity_id', array('entity_id' => 'customer_entity.entity_id'));


This just shows a page with no grid. If it had worked I would have then attempted to join customer_entity_varchar to apply the filter on the customer_referrer_id field.


The other attempt I have made is to load the customer collection first and then join RMA entity data to it as in the following code:

$collection = Mage::getResourceModel('customer/customer_collection');

$collection->joinRight('awrma/entity', 'customer_id=entity_id', array('*'));


The second attempt generates the following error:

Error Message--------------------------------> Item (Mage_Customer_Model_Customer) with the same id "XXX" already exist";

This is despite of the fact that it had worked for me earlier in this way after a similar question for filtering results in the Sales Orders Grid

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I would ask Ahead Works for support on this matter. –  FlorinelChis Jun 24 '12 at 9:26
@FlorineChis I have asked them for help too, using their support forum, but haven't heard back from them yet. –  Ozair Kafray Jun 24 '12 at 11:13

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This is probably not the best solution, but it will most likely work:

$collection = Mage::getModel('awrma/entity')->getCollection();
$collection->getSelect()->joinInner('customer_entity_varchar', 'customer_id=entity_id', array('attribute_id' =>'attribute_id','value'=>'value') );                
$logged_in_admin = Mage::getSingleton('admin/session')->getUser()->getEmail();  
$customer_referrer_attribute_id = //Set this equal to attribute_id FROM table eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code = "customer_referrer_id"     
$collection->addFieldToFilter('attribute_id', $customer_referrer_attribute_id );
$collection->addFieldToFilter('value', $customer_referrer_id);
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