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Ok, I am attempting to get the EIK working in Eclipse. I YouTubed the video (it assumes a step I haven't accomplished), googled for awhile, and then just tried to hack it. No dice. Here is the relevant info:

  • I have downloaded and installed Karaf. The console works fine.
  • I have downloaded EIK.
  • I have Eclipse Indigo

    I would appreciate help with these two questions:

  • In this video EIK Tutorial They show the user selecting the Apache Karaf OSGi framework from the OSGi Frameworks menu. I have no idea how to get Karafe in there, this is the first blocker.

  • I have downloaded EIK and a quick look inside seems to indicate I should copy over into the main Eclipse installation folder. I copied my eclipse folder and tried it out. The Karaf Perspective was not present and I could find no indication that this was installed properly. This my second blocker, getting EIK in Eclipse. I may need to get step one complete before this can happen.

Any help is appreciated!

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If you are using Juno I think there is no support for it atm...I am was checking the snapshot repos but I couldn't find any new version... – Andrea Richiardi Mar 21 '13 at 15:43
It's worth noting, given limited info on this... that Eik does not yet support Karaf 4.x, only 3.x... and fails to work in later Eclipse versions, e.g. Mars... – Adam Dec 17 '15 at 13:08
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The EIK Project moved over to the Apache Karaf space as a separate sub-project. The Karaf Team is also working on this for a better integration with Karaf. Though right now you probably have to checkout the code and build it on your machine. For a better support I suggest to use the users mailing list of the Karaf project.

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