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am trying to configure uwsgi and in the process it says on a tutorial that I must run

uwsgi -s /tmp/uwsgi.sock -w myapp:app

the problem is -w is an invalid option. Can anyone help me point out why or what should I do?


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maybe you are using debian-supplied packages. They are fully modular so you need to install/load the required plugins:


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thanks that's exactly was the problem i had to remove the ubuntu package and install using pip :) –  Mo J. Mughrabi Jun 23 '12 at 20:22
Perfect. On Ubuntu 12.04 I needed to apt-get install uwsgi-plugin-python and then add plugin=python in my uwsgi ini file. –  Roshambo Mar 11 '13 at 21:48
On Gentoo, I had to set UWSGI_EXTRA_OPTIONS=--plugins=python27 in my uWSGI configuration in /etc/conf.d/. –  scvalex Mar 26 '13 at 21:48

My uwsgi app configuration looks like that





chdir=/home/altera/www/mysite   ; Current dir
pp=/home/altera/www/mysite      ; Python Path (to your application)
pyhome=/home/altera/vpy/mysite  ; Path to virtual environment
module=main                     ; *.py file name application starting from 



    server {
        server_name     mysite;

        root /home/altera/www/mysite;

        location / {
                include        uwsgi_params;
                uwsgi_pass     unix:/tmp/uwsgi_mysite.sock;
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From uwsgi docs,

-w switch is for below

Load a WSGI module as the application. The module (sans .py) must be importable, ie. be in PYTHONPATH.

This option may be set with -w from the command line.

check this blog, it's an installation stack of nginx + uwsgi + flask + gevent on centOS 6,

nginx + uwsgi + flask + gevent on centOS 6

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