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I am using Python 2.5 with Windows XP. I am trying to make a list of pygame images into a video file using this function. I found the function on the internet and edited it. It worked at first, than it stopped working. This is what it printed out:

Making video...
Formating 114 Frames...
starting loop
making encoder
Frame 1 process 1
Frame 1 process 2
Frame 1 process 2.5

This is the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "ScreenCapture.py", line 202, in <module>
    makeVideoUpdated(record_files, video_file)
  File "ScreenCapture.py", line 151, in makeVideoUpdated
    d = enc.encode(da)
pymedia.video.vcodec.VCodecError: Failed to encode frame( error code is 0 )

This is my code:

def makeVideoUpdated(files, outFile, outCodec='mpeg1video', info1=0.1):
    fw = open(outFile, 'wb')
    if (fw == None) :
        print "Cannot open file " + outFile
    if outCodec == 'mpeg1video' :
        bitrate= 2700000
        bitrate= 9800000
    start = time.time()
    enc = None
    frame  = 1
    print "Formating "+str(len(files))+" Frames..."
    print "starting loop"
    for img in files:
        if enc == None:
            print "making encoder"
            params= {'type': 0,
          'gop_size': 12,
          'frame_rate_base': 125,
          'max_b_frames': 90,
          'height': img.get_height(),
          'width': img.get_width(),
          'frame_rate': 90,
          'deinterlace': 0,
          'bitrate': bitrate,
          'id': vcodec.getCodecID(outCodec)
            enc = vcodec.Encoder(params)
            # Create VFrame
            print "Frame "+str(frame)+" process 1"
            bmpFrame= vcodec.VFrame(vcodec.formats.PIX_FMT_RGB24,
                                # Covert image to 24bit RGB
                                (pygame.image.tostring(img, "RGB"), None, None)
        print "Frame "+str(frame)+" process 2"
        # Convert to YUV, then codec
        da = bmpFrame.convert(vcodec.formats.PIX_FMT_YUV420P)
        print "Frame "+str(frame)+" process 2.5"
        d = enc.encode(da) #THIS IS WHERE IT STOPS
        print "Frame "+str(frame)+" process 3"
        print "Frame "+str(frame)+" process 4"
        frame += 1
    print "savng file"

Could somebody tell me why I have this error and possibly how to fix it? The files argument is a list of pygame images, outFile is a path, outCodec is default, and info1 is not used anymore.

UPDATE 1 This is the code I used to make that list of pygame images.

from PIL import ImageGrab
import time, pygame
f = [] #This is the list that contains the images
fps = 1
for n in range(1, 100):
    info = ImageGrab.grab()
    size = info.size
    mode = info.mode
    data = info.tostring()
    info = pygame.image.fromstring(data, size, mode)
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maybe the problem is input file? –  Jure C. Jun 23 '12 at 20:51

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