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As part of my college dissertation I am trying to test out how usable several different types of number entry keyboard interfaces are. To do this I need to record each key press my participants make and the timings of each key press. It is not enough just to record what they submit on a form as I need to monitor how many errors they see and correct also. I am hoping to somehow write this information to a .csv/spreadsheet to analyse after the experiments.

My supervisor suggested creating a webpage and using javascript for this but unfortunately I am a total beginner. My knowledge is limited to HTML. Could somebody please help me or suggest a place where I could find more information on this subject? I have been searching the web for the last couple of days with very little luck. Essentially I want to do something like in this example except to write it to an external file on my computer and with the inclusion of timings for the key presses.

Many thanks,

A desperate student.

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You cannot write JavaScript directly to a file. You could instead send the data to the server to save a file in the .csv format to a specified location. Alternatively you could output the data in a format which copies easily into excel.

I suggest setting up a Node.js server and using jQuery+AJAX to send the data to your server via POST request then saving a .csv file on the server.

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