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I have read the FactoryGirl documentation, but I can't seem to figure this out. I know that it must be simple.

Here is my setup:

Rails 3.2.6
User has_many Products

FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :product do
    sequence(:identifier, 1000) {|n| "ABC#{n}" }

This fails because there must be a user_id associated with the Product. In my tests, I am creating a user during login. So my tests have access to the user object. I just don't know how to pass the user object in to the Product factory using FactoryGirl.

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Assuming you already have a User factory (i.e factory :user do) you can add the following line in your :product factory:

association :user

That will automatically create a user factory (as defined) and assign it to your product.

When you create the object in your test though, you can still do something like:

FactoryGirl.create(:produce, user: some_user)

in order to assign a different user variable, because the Factory sees the association from the line you just added.

Hope this helps.

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