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I have a bunch of words (mostly locations, like Stockholm and London) and a bunch of strings. like "I want to go from stockholm to london". I want to find out what words are in what strings.

I currently use .indexOf to perform this task.

Is there a library, method, function etc, in javascript that identifies misspelled versions of words?

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I found this JS library that is supposed to check spelling in several languages

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After reading the above I'm not sure if I'm exactly clear on what you are trying to do... but regarding your final question about identifying words which are incorrectly spelled -- I'd take a look at java script spell check. And as a side note.. Often people try and use soundex when they want to count words which are spelled both correctly and incorrectly.

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whoops! looks like davidaam beat me to javascriptspellcheck while I was posting. I'd delete but I wanted to leave in the bit about soundex. – unclejamil Jun 23 '12 at 21:53

Check out the levenshtein _.levenshtein(string1, string2) distance function. It can be used to calculate the distance between too strings.

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php by default has levenshtein function. you can use this method by using PHPJS library.

by finding the levenshtein distance between the word and a dictionary of correct words you can obtain a word with least levenshtein distance from the miss-spelled word. This would most probably be the correct spelling for a particular word.

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