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First of all, i would customize - among other things - color of text and selection color(text background). For example, text color should be blue; color of text background should be transparent. So, I have overriden OnPaint() method; I call SetTextColor() and SetBkColor() functions, but unfortunately I always get invalid colors, or I get an annoying "infinite loop flash" effect. Here you can see his complete implementation.

void CustomTree::OnPaint() 
    CPaintDC dc(this);

    CDC memDC;

    CRect rcClip, rcClient;
    dc.GetClipBox( &rcClip );

    CBitmap bitmap;
    bitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap( &dc, rcClient.Width(), rcClient.Height() );
    memDC.SelectObject( &bitmap );

    CRgn rgn;
    rgn.CreateRectRgnIndirect( &rcClip );

    /* WHAT IS the correct usage of SetText/Bk Color? */

    // ::SetTextColor(memDC, RGB(0, 0, 255));
    // ::SetBkColor(memDC, RGB(0, 0, 255));
    // COLORREF col = SetTextColor(RGB(0,0,255));
    // COLORREF co2 = memDC.SetTextColor(RGB(0,0,255));

    // First let the control do its default drawing.

    CWnd::DefWindowProc(WM_PAINT, (WPARAM)memDC.m_hDC, 0);

    // do some others stuffs...

    dc.BitBlt(rcClip.left, rcClip.top, rcClip.Width(), rcClip.Height(), &memDC, 
                rcClip.left, rcClip.top, SRCCOPY);


Where is the error?



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1 Answer

If you want to change color and font for a treeview, you have to catch and respond to NM_CUSTOMDRAW. Simply setting the properties before calling the default is insufficient.

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