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I am currently having unnecessary trouble trying to test out RubyMine. My biggest problem is that I cannot find a way to take a existing rails application on my system and convert it to an official RubyMine application, so that I can experience all of the features of RubyMine.

The only options that are available to me are to either create a new RubyMine rails project, to pull a rails project from a git remote (doesn't work), or to open a previous rails directory (which allows you to edit rails code, but it doesn't recognize this directory as a RubyMine project, so I cannot heap all of the benefits that RubyMine has for rails).

Please help me out, RubyMine seems promising

This is RubyMine 4 btw.

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File | Open Directory should create a new RubyMine project from the existing sources. I've just tried with a new Rails app and it recognized it as a Rails project and all the features work just like for the new project created from RubyMine.

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Huh, so I tried this with a different rails application I had and it ended up working; however, it still does not work with this other rails application. Do you any idea why this would happen? –  jab Jun 24 '12 at 2:05
Deleting .idea dir and reopening helped me. –  Voldy May 7 '13 at 16:24
@Voldy Thanks - it solve my issue. –  gotqn Sep 15 at 18:13
@gotqn, don't forget to add .idea directory to gitignore and better to a global one. –  Voldy Sep 16 at 9:30

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