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I have many text files containing bank transactions in the middle of them.

Each file has a custom header of variable length.

In every file, transactions begin exactly after the first (and only) line containing the text:


In every file, transactions end exactly before the first (and only) line containing the text:


Each line after the "frontier" is a transaction, one transaction per line, until the closing guard.

There is a single block of transactions per file.

How can I conveniently and efficiently extract all transactions using command line tools only?

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sed '1,/FECHA/d;/PROCHAIN/,$d' inputfile
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@Robottinosino: Yes, that's how it works. To accommodate white space and anchor the pattern: /^[[:blank:]]*FECHA/ (you can make the text longer, I just used the beginning for brevity) –  Dennis Williamson Jun 24 '12 at 0:57
PERFECTION. So elegant, so succinct, so powerful. LOVE it. –  Robottinosino Jun 24 '12 at 1:00
I rolled back the edit because it was largely incorrect. –  Dennis Williamson Jan 15 at 23:07

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