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I am trying to plot some data using pylab scatter function. I'm using

pylab.scatter(X, Y)

X and Y are python lists where each element is << int >> datatype. When I plot the graph using the above, I get a straight line graph. However, when I use excel to plot the same data, it is a long tailed graph. The correct distribution is the long tail. Why am I then getting a straight line when using pylab?

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You'll need to provide more information about how you're using excel to plot the data. Excel has many types of plots. You should also give an example of the data. – BrenBarn Jun 24 '12 at 1:07
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Apology! The issue was not related to pylab.

The problem was that I had initialized X and Y as -

X = Y = list()

Due to this, whatever values I inserted in list Y, it became same as X. And hence the straight line.

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