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I am trying to simulate Active Directory's memberOf attribute in Apache Directory. I have added the following entry for memberOf to my LDIF file:

dn: m-oid=,ou=attributeTypes,cn=other,ou=schema
m-equality: distinguishedNameMatch
objectClass: metaAttributeType
objectClass: metaTop
objectClass: top
m-name: memberOf
m-obsolete: FALSE
m-noUserModification: FALSE

When I start ApacheDS the following warning is logged:

   WARN  [ContainerBackgroundProcessor[StandardEngine[Catalina]]] entry.ServerStringValue - Cannot normalize the value :Encountered name based id of memberOf which was not found in the OID registry

This causes problems later on because my application tries to user the memberOf attribute as a search filter.

Is anything wrong with the way I specified the LDIF entry?

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Not the answer to your question and really not a good practice, but you can use another existing attribute to emulate this.

We use ApacheDS for testing only, so it might be okay. We used the "title" attribute, but there might be another one you can use without risk.

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The ApacheDS team is aware of the desire for the memberOf virtual attribute. They mention that it will be part of the 2.1.0 release:

Le 5/20/13 5:53 PM, Danielsen, Jay a écrit :

I see from the January 2013 archives that memberOf virtual attribute is not yet supported. Are there any plans or work-in-progress to support memberOf in an upcoming release ? Morst certainly in 2.1.0.

We are currently busy cleaning the 150 remaining issues before a 2.0.0-RC1 release, so I think this is something we can have in the next 6 months.

You can create a JIRA to request such a feature.

Thanks !

-- Regards, Cordialement, Emmanuel Lécharny

And here is the JIRA request.

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should bump the request – codenamezero Apr 7 at 15:08

You may need to add the schema that contains 'memberOf' into the ApacheDS configuration.

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