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The site that I'm trying to scrape uses js to create a cookie. What I was thinking was that I can create a cookie in python and then use that cookie to scrape the site. However, I don't know any way of doing that. Does anybody have any ideas?

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Won't this not work in general because a site may insert a digital signature in the cookie to make sure it came from the site? – Tom Jul 13 '09 at 2:25
It uses javascript to create the cookie so I know how it's created. – jjia6395 Jul 13 '09 at 2:31
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Please see Python httplib2 - Handling Cookies in HTTP Form Posts for an example of adding a cookie to a request.

I often need to automate tasks in web based applications. I like to do this at the protocol level by simulating a real user's interactions via HTTP. Python comes with two built-in modules for this: urllib (higher level Web interface) and httplib (lower level HTTP interface).

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+1 looks like a really useful library. Very relevant link! – Tom Leys Jul 13 '09 at 3:12
Thanks I managed to get it work :) – jjia6395 Jul 14 '09 at 18:30

If you want to do more involved browser emulation (including setting cookies) take a look at mechanize. It's simulation capabilities are almost complete (no Javascript support unfortunately): I've used it to build several scrapers with much success.

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There are a few remote control browser solutions. I like selenium, particularly since I can run it in a virtual framebuffer Xwindows. (screenshots still work just fine.) Don't know much about the others, though. – Anders Eurenius Jul 13 '09 at 7:34
mechanize is not a browser automater, it emulates a browser at level of HTTP requests and responses. – jkp Jul 13 '09 at 10:10
This looks interesting, I'll take a look into it – jjia6395 Jul 14 '09 at 18:30

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