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Is it possible to style the selected row of a Datagrid programmatically?

Can anyone give a snippet ?

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Try this (here's a fiddle with modified reference guide example):

var grid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
    id: 'grid',
    store: store,
    structure: layout,
    rowSelector: '20px',
    onClick: function() {
        // ( selection.selected is array for multiple)
        var index = this.selection.selectedIndex,
        // typically 1 here, mess with it if nogo on solution
        viewindex = 1,
        RAWROWNODE = this.views.views[viewindex].rowNodes[index]

}, document.createElement('div'));

You can also look into the stylesheet, used by grid component.

.dojoxGridRowSelected {
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Indeed the solution was to override the css the grid was using. To be more specific I use the claro theme and the claroGrid.css and I inside that I changed it: For the Selected Row: .claro .dojoxGridRowSelected .dojoxGridRowTable tr td[style] { background-color:#cee6fa !important; } For the Over Row: .claro .dojoxGridRowOver .dojoxGridCell { background:url("images/row_back.png") #ABD6FF repeat-x !important; border-top:1px solid #769DC0; border-bottom:1px solid #769DC0; } –  Redg Jun 26 '12 at 14:25

Why not simply overriding the right css class? Otherwise you might want to look at onStyleRow and styleRowState function

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Try this

 dojo.connect(grid, 'onStyleRow', this, function (row) {
    if (grid.selection.selectedIndex == row.index) {
       row.customStyles += "color: red;";            

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