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I have java-j2me-midp2 application. In this app there is a part which listen to SMS-Inbox and do operation in app base on these sms.
For this section we use MessageConnection, we create it with below code:

   try {
            msgConnection = (MessageConnection)"sms://:" + port);
   catch (Exception e)
            showexception(0, p.error_listen);

After several time we use that app(and worked without exception), currently we got error on this section (even on different ports).

Error : Java.IO.IOException Symbian OS Error=-1

As you can see this error,it happen on Symbian OS phone(like NokiaE52, Nokia5800, Sony Ericsson Vivaz). These phone use Symbian series60.

Q: Am I miss something? Is there better way for doing this? Why this Error happen? any Tips?

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