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ssh $hname "cd /opt/tomcat/webapps/aware/WEB-INF/classes/com && for FNAME in `tar tvf /tmp/prop.tar | awk '{print $6}'` 
  if test ! -s "/tmp/$fname/prop_bkup.tar"
    ls $FNAME && tar cvf /tmp/$fname/prop_bkup.tar $FNAME && rm $FNAME || echo "$FNAME is a new file".
    ls $FNAME && tar uvf /tmp/$fname/prop_bkup.tar $FNAME && rm $FNAME || echo "$FNAME is a new file".

Above for loop is not working in remote host. Can anyone please help me on this?

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I've edited you question to put the code into a code block. In the mean time, I can see a few potential problems:

  1. Use single quotes around the main command to prevent your local shell filling in the variables. This will also be causing problems with the double quotes in the remote command. If you change to single quotes, you'll need to make sure you've still quoted the awk argument properly.
  2. You've used both lowercase $fname and uppercase $FNAME - they should all be the same ($FNAME in this instance).

You need to explain what you mean by "not working". This will give you much better answers.

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Hi , Cant we execute this same loop by using command file in remote host, I mean write the loop from local by using echo command and execute at remote host – user1477698 Jun 24 '12 at 10:50
If you want to, but the same issues arise. You'd be better off writing a local file with the script you want to run, then using scp to copy it to the remote host, then executing it via ssh. – lxop Jun 25 '12 at 2:02
Hi i hav done below modifications and it is working fine. Thanks for the support given. – user1477698 Jul 10 '12 at 7:01
No problem. Feel free to click the tick beside my answer to accept it. – lxop Jul 10 '12 at 9:15

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