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I'm new user of this forum. i want to ask my problem. what is command in windows if i have these commands in linux ?

first command :

if (!is_dir('geoip')) mkdir('geoip', 0744);
shell_exec('unzip -oj -d geoip/');

Second command :

shell_exec('rm -rf geoip/');

what are those commands in windows? thanks for the help. sorry for my english.

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You shouldn't do that. PHP offers cross-OS compatible functions for creating/removing folders and unzipping. Use them. – user123444555621 Jun 24 '12 at 9:41
Okay @Pumbaa80, thanks for your suggest. I'll keep to use that code. – dinda Jun 24 '12 at 9:45

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Windows does not have a built-in command to unzip a file, although it's possible to install InfoZip which has the same command-line arguments as zip does on Linux.

The command to delete a directory in Windows is rd /s /q geoip but there are various ways to recursively delete a directory in PHP, the latest of which is to use the new recursive directory iterator, such as mentioned on the answers to PHP: recursive delete.

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