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In my SQLite database i have a nvarchar column. But when select this column, want to select 30 first character. i test substr and substring but not true. how can i do this? thanks

public static DataTable FetchNotesList(int PointId)
                DataTable FetchNotesListDataTable = new DataTable();
                using (SQLiteConnection FetchNotesListConnection = new SQLiteConnection(BLL.SettinClass.IASQLiteConnectionString))

                    SQLiteCommand FetchNotesListCommand = new SQLiteCommand();//FetchNotesListConnection.CreateCommand();
                    FetchNotesListCommand.Connection = FetchNotesListConnection;
                    FetchNotesListCommand.CommandText = "SELECT NoteId, SUBSTR(NoteContent,0,10), NoteDate, NoteDateTime FROM PointsNotes WHERE PointsId = @PointId";
                    FetchNotesListCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("PointId", PointId);
                    SQLiteDataAdapter FetchNotesListDataAdapter = new SQLiteDataAdapter(FetchNotesListCommand);

                return FetchNotesListDataTable;

i use this code. date column show but notecontent don't show in gridex

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can you show the code you tried...? –  DemoUser Jun 24 '12 at 7:29

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Well, since you've not posted the code, the basic syntax for getting part of text is:

  • SUBSTR(field_name,start_location)
  • SUBSTR(field_name,start_location,substring_length )

So you can do something like:

SELECT SUBSTR(field_name,0,30) FROM your_table; 

See: Reference

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