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I use emacs as my editor, and it has a nasty habit of creating locks for files near those files. It seems that sbt treats that locks as source files as well, and this results in a lot of unnecessary rebuilds.

Is there a way to tell sbt that it shouldn't watch for changes in the files, whose names start with .#?

I tried something along the lines of:

watchSources in Compile <<= (watchSources in Compile) map { files =>
  files.filter(f => !f.getName.startsWith(".#"))

but it doesn't work.

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watchSources is not used as a scoped setting. Rewrite your example without in Compile and it will work.

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It seems to work, partially - at least the right file names are printed. But it seems that sbt triggers reload also when a new ".#" file is created, and it is not passed through "watchSources". Is there some way to tell it not to trigger rebuild on newly created files with that prefix? –  Rogach Jun 24 '12 at 9:41

SBT ignores Emacs Auto Save Mode files if I add the following line to project/Build.scala inside the ApplicationBuild:

excludeFilter in unmanagedSources := ".#*"
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