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Let's say I have something like

Country has_many :cities

and the model City has an attribute council_id. Only having an instance of Country, what is the best way to retrieve a collection that contains all the relevant Councils?

I know this can be easily done passing the Country instance to some method and iterating over the council_ids but I was wondering if there is a more elegant way?


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If city has

belongs_to :country
belongs_to :council

Then country can have

has_many :cities
has_many :councils, :through => :cities

And then you can do some_country.councils. Behind the scenes this constructs a join query to load the associated councils. This would still work if a city had many councils - has_many :through can figure that out

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If Council is model, try following:

Council.where(city_id: @country.cities)

If council_id is attribute of City model:

@country.cities.map {|c| c.council_id}
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This is the shortest way I can think of (assumes you have set the @country instance):

Council.joins(:city => :countries).where('countries.id = ?', @country.id)

You may want to just save the country_id for each Council though to make this easier with:

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Thanks. I got it to work with Council.joins(:cities => :country).where('countries.id = ?', @country.id) –  dh00608000 Jun 24 '12 at 14:42

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