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I am trying to create an object of Console class, but could not succeed. I am getting this error "The constructor Console() is not visible". I also could not find any constructor in the document. Can anybody explain this?

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Jon Skeet's answer is correct: you should use System.console() to get hold of the one instance of Console.

The reason for this is that Console is an implementation of the Singleton design pattern, which is used when the author of an API wants to ensure that one and only one instance of a class is ever created.

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Thanks. I was wondering why the object can't be created! –  Chandi Gorom Jun 24 '12 at 9:27
You dont have to write "Jon Skeet's answer is correct" :) It is the answer! –  Felix Christy Jun 24 '12 at 9:35
Heh, Jon Skeet answered before I did, but I thought I'd contribute with a bit more background so Chandi would understand why it's like this. Felt a bit cheeky repeating Jon's answer though! –  Deejay Jun 25 '12 at 7:49

You're not meant to create instances directly. Instead, use the System.console() method:

Console console = System.console();
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You cannot create a Console object, the constructor is private.

But you can obtain a Console object in this way:

Console console = System.console();

Look at the javadoc for more info.

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You dont need to create the object of the Console class. It is not required. Please read below from documentation :

If this virtual machine has a console then it is represented by a unique instance of this class which can be obtained by invoking the System.console() method. If no console device is available then an invocation of that method will return null.

So, you will get the console by System.console() if any console device is available with Virtual Machine.

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A Console can't be instantiated explicitely while it's constructor is private. You can access the console associated with the JVM the following way:

Console console = System.console();

See the documentation here.

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