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After updating my project to 10.7 SDK and switching debugger, I got this message:

Property with 'iboutlet' attribute must be an object type (invalid 'BOOL' (aka 'signed char'))

It was perfectly working before the update. Any hint on how to fix that?

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If you are using custom classes for components (i.e. subclassing from UI*) remember that you need to import the .h file for your class so your property pointer is not just an (id) for the compiler.

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you have to import the map framework (MapKit/MapKit.h)

#import <MapKit/MapKit.h>
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Try to unlink and link again the IBOutlet, or try to assign the boolValue to that variable holding the object.

As far as i know, with the new SDK many things are becoming deprecates and things won't work properly. That's why i hate using beta's!

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IBOutlets are always objects, they are values that are referenced in xibs/nibs, you can't really do that with scalar values. If you need to set a boolean then you can call a setter in an object's -awakeFromNib method, or depending on what you are doing: kvo or delegation may be appropriate.

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