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Hi i developed a web application using codeigniter in php. i want to host this application and have to send the link for review.

I want to know the steps that i have to follow. please post some useful links that would guide me..

I am new to web hosting and this is my first task in web hosting.

I did install the python and google app api's required and did some example steps which are given online but couldn't figure out how it can be done for a web application done using codeigniter.

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Google App Engine does not support hosting of PHP projects. There are Many, many PHP hosting providers out there. Do a little Googling to find one that fits your needs.

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thanks ...there are ways to run php projects in google app still it's difficult... – sundeep Jun 27 '12 at 3:15

Google just started AppEngine for PHP. I dont have the exact answer about how to install it but a few helpful links.

You can download a modified version of codeignitor(adapted for appEngine) here

this link is to the sample hello world program using php SDK

the following link is to the tutorial provided by google about how to run wordpress in google app engine

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I have used PHP Fog cloud to host my app. It's very easy and simple. It also has codeIgniter in it which makes the hosting much simpler.

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