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I have gone thru the egit tutorial doc here http://wiki.eclipse.org/EGit/User_Guide.

I now have a git repository with an eclipse project on my laptop and can push this to a remote git repository on git hub. However, this means I have two git repositories - one local and one remote. I'm thinking I'd prefer to just use the remote one only. This would mean any time I commit, it commits to the remote and there is no local repository.

Is it possible to this egit?


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git is a distributed version control system. By definition this means that each developer has its own repository.

I have not experience with egit but you can configure a hook to automatically make a push after a commit.

Also, in a git cli you could set an alias to make the commit and push process in only one step, but anyway, the local repository will be need.

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So every developer has to have its own repository? Interesting idea on alias –  dublintech Jun 24 '12 at 11:14
I edit my post to give another option, and set a link to an explanation of the alias –  Francisco Puga Jun 25 '12 at 8:34

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