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hi im wanting to know how to add google maps into a list view? i have tried it by adding into my list but i get an error that says it needs to be in a MapsActivity but my Activity already extends ListActivity is there a way i can extend multiple activities? or does anyone know how to implement google maps within a list view?

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Why do you want to add a map to a list view in the first place? Are you sure you really need that? How many maps will want to have? –  Nuno Gonçalves Jun 24 '12 at 11:26

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Java doesn't allow multi inheritance. Therefor if you need a MapActivity you can't extend the ListActivity as weel. So you want to have a listView defined on the XML.

Add a list view to your xml file:

<ListView android:id="+@id/myListView"

And then reference it on the activity to make your logic:

 Listview lv = (ListView) findviewById(R.id.myListView);
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is there a way i can extend multiple activities?

No,You can not extends more than one Activity.Because java/android does not Support Multiple inheritance.


extends MapActivity,because without extending ListActivity you can show ListView.

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