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Assuming all my Gradle plugin user going to have a MYAPP_HOME sys variable set in there system in MYAPP_HOME page i have a jar at $MYAPP_HOME/lib/mylib.jar

i am writing my own plugin....

I can find the MYAPP_HOME variable is set and fine the jar exists..

How can i add this jar dependency in my custom gradle plugin... ? when user runs my plugin say compileMyplugin my custom gradle plugin need to set the $MYAPP_HOME/lib/mylib.jar jar as compiler dependent

How to do this any one help me ?

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The plugin just needs to do:

project.dependencies {
    compile project.files("${System.getenv("MYAPP_HOME")}/lib/mylib.jar"))

PS: In general, I wouldn't recommend relying on an environment variable and the availability of a Jar on the local file system. Instead, I'd publish the Jar to an artifact repository or put it under source control.

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i am trying to use javafx part of this work :) javafx dont have a jar yet :P –  Rajmahendra Jun 26 '12 at 15:28
I can also add using DependencyHandler with dep.convention.plugins.pluginname right ? –  Rajmahendra Jun 26 '12 at 16:27
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