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I need to get lots of data (file select , text, date ,...) from user in a MDI JFrame.
I need the input form that is a JInternalFrame be modal.
How Can I make a JInternalFrame modal?

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Why don't you use a JDialog for that? JInternalFrame cannot be modal unless you extend it – GETah Jun 24 '12 at 11:25
@GETah: JDialog don't work as Internal dialog! it comes out of MDI Frame! Can I capture it in the JDesktopPane? – 4r1y4n Jun 24 '12 at 11:46
Unfortunately not, see my answer below for an interesting link to a solution – GETah Jun 24 '12 at 11:57

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From my experience, I have never managed to make JInternalFrame modal and don't think that is possible out of the box.

See this great article on an extension to JInternalFrame to make them modal (thanks to Steve Webb).

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@trashgod Seriously!!? Is that from you? I have always watched your site for new tricks and tips on Java :). Hat's off, the application is really well made! – GETah Jun 24 '12 at 16:44
Edited my answer, you are on it now :) – GETah Jun 24 '12 at 16:45
@trashgod :) I already saw some of your controls that't why I had no doubt ;) – GETah Jun 24 '12 at 16:57

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