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Having troubles here finding the right containers to represent a list of tasks on the screen.

Basically, I am looking for Gtk containers in order to be able to:

a) create list of tasks as in "Tasque" (this is definitely possible, since Tasque is a Gtk app).

Tasque screenshot

b) create a "delete/edit" option that appears left to the task when the mouse pointer is hovered over (akin to Basecamp). (This might not be possible, since it's done via HTML in Basecamp).

Basecamp screenshot

Your help is much appreciated!

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You could use a Webkit.WebView to display your tasks and then do it in HTML, just like Basecamp. – ptomato Jun 25 '12 at 8:42
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For the lists of tasks I would use a Gtk.Treeview. As for the edit/delete links on mouseover--it would be pretty tricky to do it the way you show unless your GTK application actually generates and displays lists as HTML content. I think you are best off using the Gtk.Treeview and either (a) have the delete/edit icons at the top of the list in a Gtk.Toolbar or (b) add delete/edit link buttons to the tree view iteself.

Personally, I wouldn't touch the styling of the treeview as that is probably best left up to the user's theme, but, if you had to you can use your own Gtk.CssProvider to style the tree view any way you want.

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