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Newbee question here -

I have this method in the view controller m:

-(void) backToHP:(id<SwitchViewProtocol>) fromView{

    [(UIView *)self.currentView removeFromSuperview];
    [self.currentView clearView];
    [self.view addSubview:_hpView];
    self.currentView = nil;

    CATransition *animation = [CATransition animation];
    [animation setDuration:0.2];
    [animation setType:kCATransitionPush];
    [animation setSubtype:kCATransitionFromLeft];
    [animation setTimingFunction:[CAMediaTimingFunction functionWithName:kCAMediaTimingFunctionEaseInEaseOut]];

    [[self.view layer] addAnimation:animation forKey:@"SwitchToView1"];

I try to invoke it from a subclass. subclass h:

@interface SetNotificationClass : UIView < SwitchViewProtocol> {

    habitsViewController *hvc;


@property (nonatomic, retain) habitsViewController *hvc;

subclass m:

@synthesize hvc;

- (IBAction)saveNotificationClick:(id)sender {
   // [self scheduleAlarm];
    [hvc backToHP:nil];

I get the "method not found" error. any idea?


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You should use delegation and set your hvc as the delegate of it's subview. – shannoga Jun 24 '12 at 12:50
What's habitsViewController? We need to see the rest of your code. (also, is the method not found a compile-time or run-time error?) – Vervious Jun 24 '12 at 16:22
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Where do you initialize hvc? You're not sending backToHP: to nil, right? I'd also probably just set the view controller as the delegate of the view, rather than creating a new property.

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Thanks for the tips – Asaf Davidi Jun 26 '12 at 6:45

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