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So I have a site, where I want to include a blog like feature. I know there is a lot of standard solutions out there, but as I'm semi-new to Rails, then I want to create it myself to learn more stuff. (And you all know that there is a million ways to make a Post table)

The thing is that I want this component I'm creating to be reuseable to be able to power my personal blog in the future. So how would all your Rails-experts recommend to make a component that has some models, migrations and maybe some standard views?

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Rails engines. These are small rails apps that you can embed in your main app. They can contain all major elements of an app, including routes, migrations, models, controllers, etc. So a widget app could drop in your blog engine to whip up widget blogs in no time.

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Thank you for the link. :) Looks like there is some good tips in there as well. –  Jesper Blad Jensen aka. Deldy Jun 24 '12 at 12:36
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