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Using Visual Studio 2012 RC, I have many existing (VB) web sites and I always simply select open web site when I edit them in VS, they are not web projects.

I want to publish some of them now to my azure account, but if I simply right click the solution and select publish web site I dont get the same publish options as I do if it was a web project? I get the default publish option asking me where I want to place my compiled pages.

How can I import the publish settings for my azure web site for web sites?

I don't want to have to convert all web sites to projects.

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Windows Azure Web Sites allow you to deploy your website in different ways, including TFS, Git, ... But in your case it might be interesting to look at FTP deployment. This because, when right clicking on a web site you can choose to copy the website:

Copy Website

The copy feature allows you to copy the website to an FTP server.

Copy to FTP

The information to access your web site through FTP can be found on the dashboard.

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