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The headline says it all: I've got a simple WebService

@WebService(serviceName="G08WService", portName="G08WPort", endpointInterface = "at.fhj.itm.g08.wservice.IUserWebService")

public class WService implements IUserWebService
    EntityManager em;

    UserTransaction utx;

    public WService()


Of course the WebService is also defined in the web.xml, and calling the WSDL works just fine, a client can call webmeethods, and so on.

As you can see i want it to get the EntityManager and a UserTransaction to be injected, i need it to create a further DAO. However, both are always null.

The WebService is not EJB based, is there a way to retrieve those objects?

The Container is JBoss 5.0GA

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