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I searched the web a long time for a full Bluetooth communication example for android (eclipse) with another Bluetooth device. I found some codes but none of them workd. I'm developing app that will communicate with a lego mindstorms nxt. I will be glad if someone can show me a clear example of a full code with all the steps to perform Bluetooth communication from beginning to send and receive simple messages like numbers. Thank you very much!

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I think you use leJOS to develop your application onto the NXT. So, see that : lejos.sourceforge.net/nxt/nxj/tutorial/Communications/… –  Guillaume Jun 24 '12 at 13:33

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Well you first need to go through some sample examples from the Android developers guide

Refer the developers page for Bluetooth Communication.

I found this that would help you start creating your application.

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We did similar stuff, except with a microcontroller:


It's all OpenSource, just browse the code:


Look at BluetoothUtils, SendService, SendJob and ReceiveJob

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Here is working code: https://github.com/borismus/android-nxt

You'll find all you need to establish a connection and send data, I've also got another example that a fellow Mindstormer send to me (a project which use of the android compass sensor).

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There is an example at the lejos site on sourceforge:


Unfortunately, the referred code must be downloaded somewhere else:


Important: This example was made fpr lejos 0.8, there were some changes in the API of version 0.9.x, which are quite simple to adapt. I got it running on leJos 0.9.1 but you could use 0.8 as well. Contact me if you could make it and how you did it:)

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