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While loading a Windows Form (C#), I'm trying to iterate through all controls. So I'm writing code in public Form1()

I've 5 ImageList controls on my form and I want to select an ImageList control on the basis of a string expression.

Can anyone please help to achieve this?


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ImageList is not a control so you can't find them back by iterating the form's Controls collection. "Selecting" is not a valid operation, assuming you mean setting the focus to it. It isn't visible at runtime.

Find them back through the "components" field, like this:

        foreach (Component comp in this.components.Components) {
            var ilist = comp as ImageList;
            if (ilist != null) {
                // Got one, do something with it
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ImageList is a component, not a control.
It does not get added to any collections.

Instead, you can make your own Dictionary<string, ImageList> yourself.

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