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Is there any way to access the user that initiated the request in build_filters override in tastypie.

I want to use the logged in user to give context to one of the filters for example filter contains the word Home and i want to use this as a lookup to the requesting users locations to find their home address.

If build filters took the request as an argument this would be easy as i could simply call


Is there anyway to force the user into the list of filters or alternatively enrich get parameters before they are passed to build_filters.

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There still isn't a great method for this. I'm currently overriding obj_get_list like so, so that I can manually pass the bundle object to build_filters:

def obj_get_list(self, bundle, **kwargs):
    filters = {}

    if hasattr(bundle.request, 'GET'):
        filters = bundle.request.GET.copy()

    applicable_filters = self.build_filters(filters=filters, bundle=bundle)

        objects = self.apply_filters(bundle.request, applicable_filters)
        return self.authorized_read_list(objects, bundle)
    except ValueError:
        raise BadRequest("Invalid resource lookup data provided (mismatched type).")

There is currently an open pull request for this change:

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I haven't found a way to do that. I generally 'cheat' by adding the code into apply_authorization_limits where the session is available.

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