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I want to get a count of all my Offer entries for this month. At the moment I use this to make the count:

@offer_count = Offers.find_all_by_accepted(false).count

This works fine, but as you can see it does count all my entries. So my question is how can I change this to only get the count of the entries of this month.

Also I would like to have the possibility to duplicate this and find all my Offers of an specific month. Like get all offers with accepted false and created in January.

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Use beginning_of_month to compare the date against:

Order.where('created_at >= ?',

You could of course substitute created_at for updated_at if that's what you want. You can also add on more where conditions if you need (e.g. .where(:accepted => false), as you seem to need in your question).

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