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I want to use emacs for more efficient c++ programming. However, I'm a beginner in using this editor. I started with CEDET. Now I have a simple question concerning jumping to function definitions:

E.g., when I include fstream header an use the function "void open(...)" I can place the cursor on this function and get the correct info about the location and usage of "open()". Now, what do I have to do (e.g. concerning the tag-ing) to use "navigate" to jump to the file containing the definition of "open"?

Thank you for your help!

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I dont use either CEDET or C++. People may like to see your configuration for CEDET, so that they can suggest solutions. BTW did you see this file? its a sample for configuring CPP projects.… – kindahero Jun 25 '12 at 10:36

If you want to be able to jump from a function invocation to the definition of that function, you're probably thinking of the tags functionality. Have you looked at the EmacsWiki page about etags to see if that's what you're after? There's also more information in emacs manual section about tags.

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