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I returned a string from SQLite table and want to load image from the drawable folder. Is it possible?

For example :

String name = sql.getName(1); //name is now Barney

Is it possible to load it this way?

I've tried.

int imageid = getResources().getIdentifier("com.tes.test.main:drawable/" + name.toLowerCase(), null, null);

Doesn't work either. :(

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Ah, I've found it.

String image = "test";
int pimageid = getResources().getIdentifier("com.yourpackage.name:drawable/"+image,null,null);
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1st. A few weeks ago i used this for a VideoView. Must be nearly the same for pictures.

In my place i stored the videos in the /raw folder.


2nd. Why don't you save the picture into the database and read it from there? like this:

byte[] blob = cursor.getBlob(2);
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Is your videoName a String? Because when I use name as a String, it gives an error. img.setImageResource("android.resource://your-package-name/raw/"+name); It says it must be a int. –  frenzyboi Jun 25 '12 at 3:46

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