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I get this error:

TypeError: object.__init__() takes no parameters 

when running my code, I don't really see what I'm doing wrong here though:

class IRCReplyModule(object):


    def __init__(self,modulename):
        self.modulename = modulename

class SimpleHelloWorld(IRCReplyModule):

     def __init__(self):
            super(IRCReplyModule,self).__init__('hello world')
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You are calling the wrong class name in your super() call:

class SimpleHelloWorld(IRCReplyModule):

     def __init__(self):
            #super(IRCReplyModule,self).__init__('hello world')
            super(SimpleHelloWorld,self).__init__('hello world')

Essentially what you are resolving to is the __init__ of the object base class which takes no params.

Its a bit redundant, I know, to have to specify the class that you are already inside of, which is why in python3 you can just do: super().__init__()

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aah so silly of me –  Lucas 'Paul' Kauffman Jun 24 '12 at 16:20
@LucasKauffman: Actually I don't think its very silly of ya. It can easily be a confusing concept. I don't blame you. –  jdi Jun 24 '12 at 16:21

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