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I 'm running bash shell in OS X and would like to try some SWT/JFace tutorials. I've downloaded eclipse (let's assume at $ECLIPSE_HOME) and swt.jar (let's assume at $SWT_HOME). Now, i would like to compile and run a SWT and/or JFace application from command line without running eclipse. I haven't set up CLASSPATH and i have both JDK 1.5 (OS X default) and JDK 1.6 installed. Could someone guide me with the steps needed to compile and run a simple SWT/JFace application ? Can i do that or everything must be done through Eclipse ? What's the difference using the Eclipse's swt (from $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins/...) and the SWT jar i 've donwloaded from the eclipse site ?

Thank you in advance.

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Here is a tutorial how to use JFace outside the eclipse platform. Have fun!

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