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I'm looking for a way to move a Resource into the root folder of a user's Docs account using the Google Docs List API (Python SDK).

The client.move_resource method requires a gdata.docs.data.Resource as the target collection, but I can't figure out how to get the Resource entry for the root folder, or if that's even possible. The API docs say

When getting entries back from API feeds, you will never find a resource entry with a resource ID of folder:root because the root collection does not have its own entry.

If I try to use move_resource(entry=entry, collection=None, keep_in_collections=False) I end up with the Resource not in anything, including the root folder, such that if I query the contents of the root folder, I don't get that Resource in the response.

Any ideas?

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I had same problem, my solution for Obj-C framework was to find some GTLDriveFile with root parent ref and set it to file which i want move to root.

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