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I have an asp.net page with two user controls. Each of which are in separate updatepanel's One user control has three textboxes. I want to update the second updatepanel based on change of text/ focus out in first user control. How can I access both user control's textboxes, and other controls in page and update the updatepanel on change of text ?

 user control1


Regards, Asif Hameed

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Whoa, UpdatePanels! That takes me back. Triggering UpdatePanels to "postback" asynchronously from the client has always been a bit of a kludge. The common way was to register an AsyncPostBackTrigger with a hidden button's click event and then explicitly call its click event on the client side. However, a solution with a few less layers of indirection is to call the ASP.NET AJAX library's __doPostback() JS function.

Assuming you're using jQuery (which may be far-fetched considering you're still using UpdatePanels!), you can add an event handler to the 'focusout' event of your UserControl1 to trigger the asynchronous postback of your UpdatePanel2. I would recommend putting this JS outside of one of your UpdatePanels.

$('#userControl1').on('focusout', function() {
  __doPostback('UpdatePanel2UniqueId', '');

I dug up a good article that explains the technique of using __doPostback in a bit more detail.

Easily refresh an UpdatePanel, using JavaScript

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