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I'm working on a Python Gtk3 app on Ubuntu, which primarily uses WebView from WebKit. I couldn't find all the methods available to WebView object in python, currently I only know its open() method, so, where can I get detailed reference to all its methods, including some documentation on handling cookies and user password saving, etc?

I went through http://webkitgtk.org/ but I couldn't find Python related API, or (I might have missed it out).

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Because of GOBject Introspection, you should have access to every public class/method/function available in the WebKit. Hence, the original API documentation should help.

To know every method available, you can even use the classic help from Python. For instance:

$ python
>>> from gi.repository import WebKit
>>> help(WebKit.WebView)

Now, you can match the method names against the documentation for other languages (likely Objective-C).

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In addition the API reference on webkitgtk.org is pretty good too, even though it is not Python specific. But if you're used to read GTK documentations it's pretty easy to use it for Python applications.

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