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I have the following function for SQLite select statement

public Boolean itemFound(String cartId,Long ItemId){
        SQLiteDatabase db = this.getReadableDatabase();

        try {
            String where = COL_ITEM_CART_ID+"='"+cartId+"' and "+COL_ITEM_ID+" ="+ ItemId+"";
            Log.d("where===============", where);
            String columns[] = new String[] { COL_ITEM_ID,COL_ITEM_NAME, COL_ITEM_PRICE, COL_ITEM_ADDDATE,COL_ITEM_QUANTITY,COL_ITEM_CART_ID }; // > null means * (all)
            Cursor c = db.query(TABLE_NAME,
                                columns ,
                                COL_ITEM_CART_ID+"='?' and "+ COL_ITEM_ID + "=?"  ,
                                new String[]{cartId,String.valueOf(ItemId)}, 
                                COL_ITEM_ADDDATE+" desc");

            int numRows = c.getCount();

                return true;
                return false;
        } catch (SQLException e) {
            return false;

where the parameters are :

  • Long type itemId= 9882889921
  • String type cartId = ca1745ef-24eb-4da8-a1ea-9650d78ba5c0

Despite there is recode with these data. the returned rows is 0 , why ?

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You have wrapped a ? in single quotes, change this:

COL_ITEM_CART_ID+"='?' and "+ COL_ITEM_ID + "=?"

The line above is trying to literally match COL_ITEM_CART_ID to a question mark, change it like this:

COL_ITEM_CART_ID + "=? and "+ COL_ITEM_ID + "=?"
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The query method will sanitize your data input for you, so when you wrap the ?s with apostrophes, the apostrophes become part of the input string itself. This is causing your query to return 0 rows.

To fix the problem, remove change all instances of '?' to ?.

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