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I want to return 18 photos from the .media_search method provided by the Instagram-ruby gem. The source codes says to pass in an options hash with key :count => some_integer The problem is that the gem returns what appears to be a random response number when I do add the options hash. Sometimes it will return 8 other times 4 etc.

What am I missing??? Thanks.

Here's my sample file I am working with

    require 'instagram'
    require 'faraday'

    Instagram.configure do |config|
      config.client_id     = "CLIENT_ID"
      config.client_secret = "CLIENT_SECRET"

    result = Instagram.media_search("40.7143528", "-74.00597309999999", {:count => 18})
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Although the media_search method within the instagram-ruby-gem does accept an options hash, the count parameter is not an allowed parameter for this particular endpoint as can be seen within Instagram's API documentation here

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