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Let Say I have following C# project structure in Visual Studio

  • Spec
    • UserStory1.html
    • UserStory2.html
  • Tests
    • Test1.cs
    • Test2.cs

Now I want to connect my unit tests with Specification written in html in the following way

public class Test1
    public void SomeTest()


That way when I CTRL+Clik on the link in the comment I can jump to the specification and see what should be really tested. Problem is that I don't know how to do a relative path to html file included in the project.

  • How can I do that?
  • If not in standard VS, is there some plugin available that will enable this?
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Did my answer below solve your problem? –  Ryan Gates Jun 19 at 18:13

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I think that in your case the <see/> documentation tag would make the most sense, but others are available.

This would change your example code to be the following:

/// <summary>
/// This test does something
/// </summary>
/// <see cref="http://../path.to.UserStory1.html#or_even_some_anchor"/>
public class Test1
    public void SomeTest() { }        

I tested with http://www.google.com and it opened it in a new tab within VS. All of this is built into VS without any additional add-ons.

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Great! it even works for classes, interfaces etc.. –  Teoman shipahi Jun 19 at 17:01

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